We are Delta Phi


The Delta Phi has remained a small fraternity. Rather than engaging in the wholesale expansion policies that have marked the operation of other Greek letter fraternities, The Delta Phi chooses to establish chapters only at the finest schools and usually with proximity to other chapters. These schools include RPI, Cornell, NYU, Rutgers University, and University of Pennsylvania, to name a few. It grants its chapters a substantial degree of local autonomy - allowing them to develop their own traditions and policies within the scope of a larger institution.

Members of The Delta Phi have come from every walk of life; social and economic. Its members have reached the pinnacles of business, politics, education and service. It is an organization where names such as J.P. Morgan, Jr., John Jacob Astor and James Roosevelt are but the start of a long and distinguished list.

We currently reside at 14, 15, and 16 Colvin Circle in the Rensselaer Apartment Housing Projects (RAHPs). Our majors, interests, and hobbies are quite diverse, however our bonds as friends and brothers remain strong. We have a strong emphasis on academics, and have incorporated a program to help keep brothers on their respective educational track. The bonds we build as active brothers carry on after we graduate, and many Alumni (of which there are over 1000) regularly return to visit the undergraduate brothers.


President / Wilson Gregory
Vice President / Philip Charles
Treasurer / Andrew DiBiasio
Secretary / Nate James
Rush Chair / Spencer Marquardt
House Manager / Jasper Boland
Elmo Chair / Scott Munro
Social Chair / Aidan Wenzel
Philanthropy Chair / Chris Howes
Scholarship Chair / Aidan Wenzel
Alumni Chair / Chris Howes
G.O.A.T. / Jayshon Adams
IFC Representative / Keegan Caraway
Athletics Chair / Will Marshall



GradUATE Students