April and May - 2016

We started this month off with a great game of Broomball. Imagine ice hockey played with sneakers instead of ice skates, plastic brooms instead of hockey sticks, and a kickball instead of a puck. Brothers had a great time on the ice, many slipped and fell, but overall a good time was had by all.




As we do every spring, we did our duty and conducted a roadside clean up. Many interesting items were picked up off the side of the road, including a flag pole, an 80s workout VHS tape and a fake pumpkin from Halloween. Although it was a cloudy day, the rain held off until about 10 minutes until after we finished.

To celebrate a highly successful roadside clean up, later that evening we as a brotherhood traveled to Connecticut to play the interesting game Whirlyball. This game consisted of brothers getting in bumper cars and attempting to play a form of handball. The brothers had a great time crashing into each other. The fender benders continued as we made our way back to Troy, but nobody was injured and the damage was minimal.




The following weekend we as a brotherhood invited our fathers to campus. We had a lovely lunch with them Saturday afternoon and then went to a dirt race track later that evening to watch some racecars. The brothers ended the weekend with breakfast on Sunday, diner style.




In continuation with our community service and campus involvement, we attended and participated in the RPI Relay for Life. We as a campus have now almost raised 1 Million dollars in the history of Relay for Life here at RPI.

Brothers took shifts at Relay for Life cooking cinnabon waffles, playing Just Dance, and walking the track. A large amount of donations and fun was generated by the brotherhood!

Besides these larger events, the house has gotten together to enjoy varying other activities including: a Harry Potter Marathon, an explosive experience with a watermelon, a heartfelt Wrestlemania viewing, and of course the weekly grilling session.

In addition to all of these social events this month, we maintained a wiffleball team, a volleyball team, and an outdoor soccer team. All of these teams had winning records but no team quite managed to win playoffs, but the soccer team made it to playoffs this year.

To celebrate the end of the year and the farewell of senior brothers, Brother Ahnood and Brother Berton, the fraternity spent a day enjoying a pig roast together. And yes, it was delicious. One great last memory before the semester officially came to a close.

April and May - 2015

Greetings to all alumni of the Lambda Chapter of the Delta Phi Fraternity! We, the undergraduate brothers, are again happy to share with you our adventures and fun times we’ve had during the end of our 2015 spring semester. We hope you enjoy reading this and that it allows you to recall your fond memories of your RPI days.


The first big thing which took place after where we left off the last newsletter was Relay for Life. Relay for Life is a big event where people walk the indoor track of the RPI gym all day and night to support cancer research. We set up a booth alongside the track this year where we were selling our cinnabon waffles and playing Just Dance on our Kinect. Sadly not all of our brothers could participate in Just Dance seeing as how Brother Hoover had recently sprained both of his ankles and was in a wheelchair. He still found good ways to entertain himself though along with the help of Brother Wilson.

Overall everyone had a good time helping support the cause and the most surprising part of the night was probably when about half of the brotherhood joined into part of a giant Zumba session going on in the middle of the track around 10pm. The next weekend was a very exciting time for everyone.

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron came out on Thursday and so the whole brotherhood went to go see it together at the nearby theatre. As you can see everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for the movie to start except Brother Marcellino who doesn’t seem to understand that you should turn off your phone at the movie theatre and Brother Short who seems to be oddly aware of the presence of cameras in his nearby vicinity.  

The next weekend was very fun for all brothers. As part of our Leadership Day activities we all went to a High Ropes Course. After a brief safety briefing we were set loose on the courses. Some brothers brought out their inner monkeys and easily moved from obstacle to obstacle while other brothers took the more cautious route and made sure to stay as stable as they could while moving ahead. We took quite a few photos of the occasion and we hope you enjoy these few.