For the first time in 155 years, we now completely own our house.

Starting in 2016, our alumni association began fundraising for a new house. October 12th 2017 - the alumni association bought the St Francis Academy located at 311 Congress Street.



The St Francis Academy is a historic building built in 1917. It first functioned as a school and then as a tailor shop with rental apartments. The building has a total of 14,500 sq. ft., approximately 4,200 sq. ft. per floor.



Our new house will be located closer to campus than our current location in RAHPS as well as not far from downtown Troy. We will also have Prospect Park directly across the street.

There is plenty of parking available due to an empty lot across the street on 13th Street.


The living spaces have been designed with constant undergraduate input. The ground floor consists of common areas - kitchen, dining room, library, media and game rooms.
The first floor contains the main living areas: mostly singles with some doubles. Each room has ethernet connectivity. Additionally, there is a lounge area and a small kitchenette. There is living space for at least 28 brothers.

The second floor contains apartments that can be rented out to recent graduates and alumni who stay in the area.

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Link to regular construction updates with pictures!

2016 Fundraising for a new house begins - ends up raising $1.28 million!

Oct 12 2017 The St Francis Academy (311 Congress St) is purchased

Housing committee is formed and begins looking at architecture firms and potential plans

Oct 2018 Construction begins!

Masonry work is done on the outside of the building

Jan-Feb 2019 Asbestos abatement is done

Feb 2019 Demolition is started on the inside, many interior walls are removed

Mar-Apr 2019 Framing for interior walls done, electrical work started

Fall 2019 Planned move-in date for apartments on 2nd floor

Jan 2020 Planned full move-in, new house fully occupied!


Enjoy some pictures of the building pre-construction, as well as some early progress pictures:

Alumni, thank you for all of your contributions to this project. We are all very excited for our new house.

Last updated 4/14/19.